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Pure And Simple, Simply


We live here. We farm here. We raise and grow our food here. We are a farmer's market. We feed our customers with great grub! Let's think about it for a minute...We eat what we grow and we provide our customers with what we eat. Would it be questionable to know the people supplying your food do not eat it or grow it? What do you think?

We really do love what we do here! We must...because the hours are long and the pay is terrible!

Help Us Recycle


Help us save the world...one egg carton at a time. Collect and save your egg cartons. We need your cartons. I learned from a customer that egg cartons are the last recycle before hitting the land fill. Let's save that perfectly recycled carton from the landfill!

Canning Jars...We would love them too! 

And let's add the big bag of grocery bags stuffed in the cupboard. Bring 'Em!



This season we have a couple of new additions to our preservation list:

Cowboy Crack...Jalapeno Peppers in a sweet syrup.

Frog's Balls...Pickled Brussel Sprouts.

Tomato Tango...A Jelly with a nice aroma of spices.

Aronia Berry Jam....wild berries with a tart flavour.

Here's A Thought...


We all have a lack of it...Once in a While!

The Other White Meat?


We don't grocery shop much. Why bother? The word "Wholesome Food" scares me. What the heck does that mean? It's Simple. We eat what we grow. And we know it's Real! Good! Food!

In Memory Of... Grandma


We lost her. She was an amazing lady!

We miss you very much!

Since this...things have changed a great deal! We require a bit of patience! And so does our new Chief...Grandpa!

Contact Us

We Want You To Visit

It's All In Grandpa's Hands Now!

Pure and Simple Farm

1420 Middletown Road, Millgrove, Ontario, Canada

Cell: (905) 975 - 3780 texting available Text: (905) 902 - 6170 Farm: (905) 541 - 4398

We are Open. Unless We are Closed! Well...Shoot!

Open today

02:30 p.m. – 09:00 p.m.

New Hours. But don't count on them being accurate. With Grandpa in charge who's to say?

Monday: Supposed to be Closed but has been Open. Take a chance!

Tuesday through Friday: 2:30 sometime til Nineish. Again...could be sooner...could be later!

Saturday and Sunday: Tenish til Nineish. Guaranteed inaccurate!

Alright...Long Weekends are definitely a roll of the dice! But we're up before the rooster crows...we wake him up! Call to see when we're open. Or just show up and bang on the door!

We're Waiting to Hear From You!