Who We Are and What We Do

Growing It Old School


My Parents and I moved to this farm in 1985. I don't remember buying much meat from the grocery store. I've never eaten grocery store eggs. We raised beef and chicken for as long as I can remember. We dabbled in pigs. And always grew our own fruits and vegetables because nothing tastes like fresh home grown! These days haven't changed much from yesterday or even from 30 plus years ago.

We still raise our own beef, pork and chicken. We still raise our laying hens like a long time ago. And we still grow vegetables in our weed gardens! It's a bit more complicated since one of members left us but we keep pushing through. Maybe go another 30 plus years!

Free From...Free Dom


 Our Beef are raised on this farm. They enjoy eating grass and hay and occasionally some leftover fruit from our trees. Our chickens are free ranged and free spirited birds. They eat whatever they find outside including grubs and bugs. Our laying hens are also the outdoor types. They also enjoy the simpler things in life. The Porkers are raised in the fields of grass and weeds. What about our Lamb and Goat? Friends we trust and respect, as they adore their animals, raise them for us with the same easy going life as our animals are raised. And the Ducks are just bug control! Our fruits and vegetables grow amongst the weeds (so No pesticides or herbicides). And those weeds are also helpful in honey production as our bees enjoy all the flowers including the annoying ones. 

Ten Pounds of Chaos in a One Pound Bag


As long as I can remember there has been animals on this farm. I wish I could express how fun it is to have animals run your life but it is a lot of effort. We work outside of the farm to provide the additional income needed to support our jam-packed "Hobby Farm". In doing so we rely on my dad (grandpa) to tend to the "children" while we are at work. We also try (emphasis on try!) to do much of the maintenance, clean-up and of course bake butter tarts when we are not working. But what kind of life would it be without a little bit of chaos?

Now, if it weren't for absolutely fantastic, patient and supportive customers we may have Twenty Pounds of Chaos in a One Pound Bag!